Children & Family

Photo: Anika Büssemeier

Playful discovery, exploration of artworks, artistic creation: Brücke-Museum warmly welcomes children and families. We offer interactive and playful workshops and talks. On Family Day, a visit to the exhibition becomes an experience for all the family with action stations and workshops; in holiday workshops, children and teens can spend several days exploring the themes of the current exhibition, the Brücke-Museum and the museum’s garden in artistic research. For Kids! is a game of cards which guides children around the exhibition and encourages looking, drawing and writing.

Brücke-Museum sees itself as a place not only for viewing art, but also as a site for artistic production. During the summer, the museum’s garden is used to explore various topics, techniques and situations. It is also a place for practical workshops with children, young persons and adults.

You can find the current programme in our calendar.

Children & Family


Photo: Thomas & Renée Rapedius

The Brücke-Box contains materials and tools to encourage a playful approach to art. It is all about colours, shapes, fabrics and stories. Children, young people and families can borrow the box free of charge at the cash desk.

Children & Family

Family Workshops

For PLAY! Family Workshop at Brücke-Museum, children from 5 years of age and all families are warmly invited to visit and experience the museum and its current exhibition.

You can find the current programme and information on registration in our calendar.