To change art and society, call old rules and traditions into question and to form a new artistic community – these were the intentions of the Brücke artists. With interactive exhibition tours for schools, Brücke-Museum aims to adopt this critical approach and pioneering spirit to explore unconventional ways of conveying information. Our tours for students focus primarily on their own questions and interests. Playful interactions, action-oriented exercises and artistic strategies characterise the way we work. In our teacher training sessions, we present the content of the exhibitions and our working methods. Additionally, Brücke-Museum collaborates with schools on long-term projects. Please get in touch if you are interested in such a collaboration.


Brücke & ...

The new topics for exhibition talks with schools at Brücke-Museum are called Brücke & …. The series of programmes discusses recurring topics of Brücke art and the collection. Playful and action-oriented, the programmes offer a dialogical exhibition experience for children and young people. Critical questioning as well as drawing connections between today’s everyday life and the situation of the Brücke 100 years ago are at the centre. Different exercises and artistic practices characterise the way of working in the exhibition room – and in case of fair weather in the museum’s garden as well.

The programme for schools is constantly expanding and is oriented to the daily life of children and youth as well as to their questions. All topics are prepared according to age and are suitable for primary schools up to section II.

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Museumsdienst Berlin
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Brücke & Colonialism
Interactive Exhibition Tour

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90 mins, German: € 80 / English, French, Dutch: € 90
Nursery, primary school, section I, section II
Topics: Racism, colonial entanglements, stereotypes in art

This offer is bookable from February.

Information and booking:
Museumsdienst Berlin
+49 (0)30 247 49 888 (Mon–Fri: 9 am–4 pm, Sat–Sun: 9 am–1 pm)

Cooperation, School

Voices on the exhibition

Duration: February 2022

Photo: Annemone Meyer

In February, three classes of the Dreilinden-Gymnasium visited the exhibition Whose Expression? The Brücke Artists and Colonialism. The results of their work on the exhibition can be heard and seen by clicking on the link below. The work offers an insight into the thoughts, questions and feelings they have on the exhibition at the Brücke-Museum. The contribution represents an important and valuable enrichment to the exhibition.


Dreilinden-Gymnasium, Wannsee: advanced art courses of Ms. Singh and Ms. Meyer and class 9d

Medienkompetenzzentrum Steglitz-Zehlendorf: Rudolf Freundhofer

Project Management: Daniela Bystron, Julia Devies, Rudolf Freundhofer, Lotte Wintraecken

Workshop concept for the exhibition: Josephine Valerie Deutesfeld

Workshop leader: Josephine Valerie Deutesfeld, Marina Resende Santos

Support: Judith Kirchner



Introduction for teachers

Guided exhibition tour for teachers and presentation of the current school programme by curator of outreach Daniela Bystron and art educator Jülia Devies.

Date: Thursday, 17 September and 29 October 2020, 3–5.30 pm

Information and registration:
Museumsdienst Berlin

Cooperation, School

Naturally Art!
School collaboration

Duration: December 2019 – August 2020

In exchange with children and young people from two Berlin schools, we would like to find out what a redesign and new use of the museum garden could look like in the sense of the Brücke. Drawing and painting of people in nature was one of the core themes of the artists’ group. The Brücke-Museum, created especially for the artists, blends into the forest landscape and combines nature, art and architecture. The expressionist group created such connections in their works.

How can the museum’s garden today become a place where different people like to spend time? How can young people in particular get involved in museum work and create their own spaces in the garden? The interaction between art and nature can be experienced and tested on the museum’s grounds and in the adjoining forest.

Nord-Grundschule, Zehlendorf: Class 6b, Mrs Tscheslog and Mrs Zick
Schule am Schloss, Charlottenburg: Class 9e, Mrs Siemers and Mrs Baumgartner
Project management: Nora Hogrefe, assistant curator of Outreach
Workshop concept for the exhibition: Jülia Devies and L.L., art educators
Workshop concept for the garden: Bérengère Chauffeté, landscape architect
Fotographic documentation: Anna Duda
Design printed documentation: Lisa Pepita Weiss, download documentation here

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