To change art and society, call old rules and traditions into question and to form a new artistic community – these were the intentions of the Brücke artists. With interactive exhibition tours for schools, Brücke-Museum aims to adopt this critical approach and pioneering spirit to explore unconventional ways of conveying information. Our tours for students focus primarily on their own questions and interests. Playful interactions, action-oriented exercises and artistic strategies characterise the way we work. In our teacher training sessions, we present the content of the exhibitions and our working methods. Additionally, Brücke-Museum collaborates with schools on long-term projects. Please get in touch if you are interested in such a collaboration.


Workshops in the "Waldraum"

Your Idea of a Museum

What is a museum? What do you imagine it to be? What experiences have you already had with museums? And what would you change? Using the Brücke Museum as an example, we will think about the construct of the museum and try out different design possibilities together using collage, drawing, tape art or spatial installations. We are interested in: Which Brücke Museum would you like to see?

Primary school (from class 3), Secondary I, Secondary II

What does beautiful mean anyway?

What does beautiful mean to you? How strongly do socially shaped ideals of beauty influence you? In the Brücke Museum we encounter different representations of people. They were created over 100 years ago in a time that was shaped by industrialisation, reform movements and colonialism. With the help of creative mapping, we will think critically about ideals of beauty and images of people then and now. In the workshop, we will create short audio contributions that will grow into a podcast.

Primary school (from grade 3), Secondary I, Secondary II

Information and Booking                                                                                   

120 Min., German: € 100 / English, Spanish: € 110
Buchung über Museumsdienst Berlin
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Exhibition Talks Brücke & ...

The new topics for exhibition talks with schools at Brücke-Museum are called Brücke & …. The series of programmes discusses recurring topics of Brücke art and the collection. Playful and action-oriented, the programmes offer a dialogical exhibition experience for children and young people. Critical questioning as well as drawing connections between today’s everyday life and the situation of the Brücke 100 years ago are at the centre. Different exercises and artistic practices characterise the way of working in the exhibition room – and in case of fair weather in the museum’s garden as well. Under Brücke & … you will find different topics around the Brücke Museum for exhibition talks with schools. The series takes up topics of the collection, the museum, expressionism and Brücke art. Playful and action-oriented, the programs enable an interactive exhibition experience for children and young people. The focus is on critical questioning and the connections between today’s everyday world and the situation of the Brücke artists’ group around 100 years ago.

Brücke & Colour

What effect do colours have on you? In this exhibition talk we look at the painting methods and colour theory of the Brücke artists. With strong colours and strong contrasts, they wanted to depict their feelings and broke with the usual pictorial conventions. Based on your atmospheric images of the Brücke artworks, we will talk about the perception of colours. Under what conditions does this change? And how does the colouring of individual paintings affect you?

From 4th grade, Sek I, Sek II 

Brücke & Museum

What is a museum? What are its tasks? And who decides what is shown in the museum in the first place? The Brücke Museum mainly shows works of art by the expressionist artist group Brücke. With the help of research assignments, you will explore the museum and consider which aspects are inviting and which are excluding for you. What additional ideas do you have?

From 6th grade, Sek I, Sek II

Brücke & Body

In the artworks of the Brücke artists we encounter different representations of people and body images. Using the methods of creative writing and performative interventions, we will work through the works together on the following questions: How are people’s bodies depicted? Where can you make connections to your own life? - We talk about different representations of the bodies of the Brücke artists in their historical context and consider together: Where do current debates such as discrimination, racism and sexism find a place and how would you like to talk about them?

From 6th grade / Sek I & Sek II

Information and Booking

90 min., German: € 80 / English: € 90
Museumsdienst Berlin
+49 (0)30 247 49 888 (Mon – Fri: 9 am – 4 pm, Sat – Sun: 9 am – 1 pm)