Photo: Anna Duda

Brücke-Museum is an open venue for the discussion, exploration and research of art and cultural concepts as well as social issues. As a continually developing institution, the museum is reliant on the perspectives, knowledge, experiences and recollections of many different people and interest groups. For this reason, Brücke-Museum collaborates with a wide variety of partners. 

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ONSITE Artist Residency

Interdisciplinary artist residency and art festival at the Brücke-Museum, curated by Po:era

We invite artists of all disciplines (for example performance, theater, fine arts, dance, sound, film etc.), creatives and interdisciplinary practitioners from different countries to apply with a site-specific project, research or action proposal for the Grunewald and the neighborhood of Berlin-Dahlem. The residency will take place in the garden and the Waldraum (“forest room”) of the Brücke-Museum. Local artists from the neighboring LebensWerkGemeinschaft will join the programme and share their work spaces with the participating artists.

Po:era will accompany the collective and individual creative process during the residency and organize workshops, labs and inputs on site-specific research, among others with the artists’ collectives Gob Squad and Club Real.

Residents receive a remuneration of 500 EUR, free lunch and a room in shared accommodation for 10€/night.

The artistic experiments, actions, interventions or projects will be presented from 2nd to 3rd September 2023 as part of the ONSITE Festival Grunewald at the Brücke-Museum.

This project is part of the initiative DRAUSSENSTADT, funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe and the Foundation for Cultural Education and Cultural Consulting.

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