Mission Statement

Brücke-Museum is a collection-based research institution for the works by the artists’ group Brücke. It holds one of the largest collections of Brücke art and it is the only museum in the world with this focus. The harmonious interplay between nature, the collection and the museum’s architecture creates a very special place for the public to experience art.

As an artists’ museum, it seeks dialogue with contemporary artists. To take a multi-perspective view of the collection that incorporates previously neglected narratives is at the heart of its work. Brücke-Museum develops current and critical perspectives on the collection by means of a socially relevant, politically informed exhibition and education programme, as well as through collaborations with other museums, research institutes, educational and social institutions.

The Brücke Museum is committed to polyphony, tolerance, diversity and mutual respect as the basis of a democratic society and therefore opposes any form of discrimination.