Emil Nolde


Jägers Haus auf Alsen

On view
Material / Technique
Bildmaß 73 × 88,5 cm
Rahmenmaß 90,5 × 106,5 × 4,3 cm
Acquisition details
Erworben 1979 aus Privatbesitz
Emil Nolde, Jägers Haus auf Alsen, 1909, Öl auf Leinwand, Brücke-Museum, © Stiftung Seebüll Ada und Emil Nolde

Exhibitions (selection)

Literature (selection)

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Signiert unten rechts: Emil Nolde (Signatur)
Nicht bezeichnet (Bezeichnung)

Inventory Number

Catalog Number
Urban 292


All content about the artwork is based on conversations from a workshop that took place in the context of Various Answers.

Workshop Participants


Ahmad El Hamidi, figurative painter (imaginative realism)


Milton Camilo


Evelina Reiter, figurative painter, big fan of long days in the studio and oil paint


Ramin Parvin, painter, filmmaker, animator


Susheela Mahendran / சுசீலா மகேந்திரன் (no pronouns) is a Sri Lankan Tamil-German filmmaker and painter. Susheela´s artworks deals with the experiences of the Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora, especially in the context of migration, intergenerational trauma, class and caste society



Dachil Sado, a visual and performance artist, is interested in issues surrounding reproduction and duplication mechanisms and likes to cook



Judith Kirchner (sie/ihr) was head of the project Various Answers and is also a freelance art mediator who focuses on art, politics and feminism in her work, she prefers to think and act in collective settings.

Additional content


Workshop Participant
Video: Interview, interviewed by Sonja Eismann

(Felix and Johann)

Felix Denk and Johann Voigt
One Johann Voigt writes about pop for taz, Die Zeit, and Das Wetter. The other watches the same Slovakian graffiti video three times in a row and is happy about it.
Text: Are we still allowed to listen to Michael Jackson?, published on Fluter.de on March 9, 2020


Sonja Eismann is the co-editor of Missy Magazine and researches and writes about feminism and (pop) culture.
Text: What is a canon?


Aya Soika is a professor of art history at Bard College Berlin. She curated the exhibitions Flucht in die Bilder? Die Künstler der Brücke im Nationalsozialismus (with Meike Hoffmann and Lisa Marei Schmidt, Brücke-Museum and the Kunsthaus Dahlem, Berlin 2019) and Emil Nolde – eine deutsche Legende. Der Künstler im Nationalsozialismus (with Bernhard Fulda and Christian Ring, Nationalgalerie Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, 2019).
Text: Jägers Haus auf Alsen, art historian perspective


Sebastian Weise: Recording and editing (video/audio)

(Camilo ) Interview
(Felix Denk, Johann Voigt )
Are We Still Allowed to Listen to Michael Jackson?
(Aya Soika )
About the Work
(Sonja Eismann )
What is a canon?
(Camilo ) Poor
(Camilo ) Separation
(Evelina ) Perfect Situation
(Ramin ) Snapshot
(Susheela ) Fast
(Susheela ) Structural Problem
(Evelina ) Political