Ernst Ludwig Kirchner


Liegender Akt vor Spiegel

Material / Technique
Bildmaß 83,3 × 95,5 cm
Rahmenmaß 103,7 × 115,3 × 3,5 cm
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Acquisition details
Erworben 1972 aus Privatbesitz
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Liegender Akt vor Spiegel, 1909/10, Öl auf Leinwand, Brücke-Museum, Gemeinfreies Werk

Exhibitions (selection)

  • 1910: Brücke. Kunst und Leben, 2022, Brücke-Museum, Berlin

  • Die Brücke 1905–1914, 2018/19, Museum Frieder Burda, Baden-Baden

  • Großstadtrausch – Naturidyll. Kirchner – Die Berliner Jahre, 2017, Kunsthaus Zürich

  • ... die Welt in diesen rauschenden Farben. Meisterwerke aus dem Brücke-Museum Berlin, 2016/17, Landesmuseum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte Oldenburg

Literature (selection)

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Nicht signiert (Signatur)
Nicht bezeichnet (Bezeichnung)
Rückseitig auf dem Keilrahmen: L. Grisebach - Spengler/ ... [unleserlich] (Beschriftung)

Inventory Number

Catalog Number
Gordon 56


All content about the artwork is based on conversations from a workshop that took place in the context of Various Answers.

Workshop Participants


Auro Orso (he/They) is a Berlin-based performer and dancer who explores topics such as genderfuck and decolonisation in his work


Claude Förster (Claude/they) is a tattoo artist and illustrator from Hamburg who is interested in art – both looking at it and making it. www.unterstrich.ink


Felicia (sie), 27, is a queer activist and democracy mediator


Icecold Alma (they/them), is a stripper and sex worker with a migration background who likes to read novels, preferably by the sea


Josephine Ansah Valerie Deutesfeld (sie/ihr) is a philosopher who loves creative aesthetics on a large and small scale and enjoys writing and reading.

Conception / Moderation


Sandra Ortmann | Panda (sie/they), is a qualified psychologist who works as a curator for education and outreach at Schwules Museum. She advises museums and cultural institutions on issues of diversity-oriented organisational development, discrimination and outreach



Judith Kirchner (sie/ihr) was head of the project Various Answers and is also a freelance art mediator who focuses on art, politics and feminism in her work, she prefers to think and act in collective settings.



Lisa Marei Schmidt, Director, Brücke-Museum, Berlin

Additional content

Text: Excerpt from workshop conversation, with Auro Orso, Claude Förster, Felicia, Icecold Alma, Josephine A.V. Deutesfeld und Sandra Ortmann | Panda
Editing: Sandra Ortmann | Panda


Josephine Papke (sie/ihr/they/them, no pronouns) studied theatre and film studies and works in the cultural sector in a variety of ways, with an emphasis on negotiating the intersections of queerness, BIPOC identities and pop culture
Text: Körper


Text: Liegender Akt vor Spiegel, art historian perspective


Sebastian Weise: Recording and editing (video/audio)

(Auro, Claude, Felicia, Icecold, Josephine, Panda )
Conversation Excerpt
(Brücke Museum )
About the Work
(Josephine )
(Auro ) Standardized Body
(Feli ) Mirror
(Icecold ) Comedyshow
(Icecold ) Room
(Icecold ) Work setting
(Auro ) Image/Stage