Legal basis for the use of illustrations

For the illustrations of artworks above all two legal standards come into play: copyright and image right. In this case the originators and therefore copyright holders of the works of art are the artists of the Brücke group. If a work is photographically reproduced image rights arise that are with the photographer.

Works are free copyright if their creators died at least 70 years ago. Brücke-Museum makes these works publicly available and has assigned them the Creative Commons License CC-BY-SA 4.0. You can use these illustrations freely without asking for our permission. You may download them, share them, copy them, redistribute them or use them (say for research, teaching, publication or for commercial purposes) or you can edit them or alter them – under the following conditions: You must state (1) the Brücke-Museum, (2) the artist’s name, provide (3) the link to the License CC-BY-SA 4.0, and (4) details on whether and what nature of alterations have been made. Forwarding the content is likewise subject to the same conditions. This means if you alter the material or otherwise incorporate it into your work you may only redistribute your contributions under the same license as the original without limiting the same through clauses or technical procedures.

By contrast, works by artists who died less than 70 years ago are not free of copyright. We have researched and clarified these rights in order to be able to include the works in our Collection Online. In some instances, the creators transfer assertion of their rights to the VG Bild-Kunst in Bonn; the latter must therefore be contacted for consent to use the image. Such use is subject to a charge. Information on the copyright holders is always provided directly beneath the illustrations.

These illustrations may only be used after a request to do so has been sent to Brücke Museum and permission has been granted. Send your inquiry to Brücke-Museum. This reproduction permission applies for the photo made available, but you must also make a separate request to the copyright holder for the copyright.