The exhibition Escape into Art? is the first critical and detailed examination of the artistic practice, scope and everyday life of the former Brücke artists during the Nazi period. The history … ... More

Kirchners Artiste at the depot ‚entartete Kunst’ at Schloss Schönhausen,
about 1938–1940, Zentralarchiv, SMB  © bpk / Zentralarchiv, SMB

With Casa Isadora, the artist Sol Calero (*1982 in Caracas, Venezuela) has built a pavilion in the garden of the Brücke- Museum in the form of a walk-in painting that … ... More

Sol Calero, Isadora, 2018 © Sol Calero

Summer holiday workshop for children, 8–12 years old For what would you go out on the street? What are you rebelling against and by what means? Is there something you’ve always … ... More

Photo: Anika Büssemeier

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“My dear Mr. Düttmann, now that the furore of the opening has died down, I would like to waste no time in thanking you most sincerely once again. Your building for Brücke-Museum is a creation one can’t help but praise … The building has good proportions and correct dimensions throughout … and the landscape has been incorporated in a way that is nothing short of exhilarating. It will no doubt bring cheer to each and every visitor while they are here … Yours always, KSR” … More

Outside view of Brücke-Museum, September 1967, photo: Reinhard Friedrich, Academy of Arts, Berlin, Werner Düttmann Archive, No. 33 F.33/8

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From 10 April, parallel to the Escape into Art? The Brücke Painters in the Nazi Period (14 April–11 August 2019), ten provenance research topics will be discussed on Facebook and Instagram. At the heart of the project are nine paintings, which were once confiscated as “degenerate art” and are now among the museum’s highlights.

#TagderProvenienzforschung … More