Closing time
12 August – 16 November 2019

Bright times ahead! As we are getting new light, the Brücke-Museum will be closed until 16 November 2019.


Neighbouring Kunsthaus Dahlem is open and shows the exhibition Inspiration Africa. A Continent Seen by German Sculptors in the 20th Century. The Café at the Kunsthaus serves a selection of snacks and drinks during the opening hours of the museum.

“I never display unframed pictures in exhibitions …  if I do something, I do it as properly and well as possible, otherwise I would rather not do it at all,” … ... More

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Otto Mueller with Pipe, 1913, Brücke-Museum

Until summer 2020, the Albertinum offers the unique opportunity to experience the Dresden collection in dialogue with major works from the Brücke Museum – including Max Pechstein’s The Yellow and Black Jersey.

The presentation was made possible by the generous support of the Franz Dieter und Michaela Kaldewei Stiftung. … More

Max Pechstein, The Yellow and Black Jersey, 1910, permanent loan from a private collection © Max Pechstein Urheberrechtsgesellschaft, Hamburg/Tökendorf

“My dear Mr. Düttmann, now that the furore of the opening has died down, I would like to waste no time in thanking you most sincerely once again. Your building for Brücke-Museum is a creation one can’t help but praise … The building has good proportions and correct dimensions throughout … and the landscape has been incorporated in a way that is nothing short of exhilarating. It will no doubt bring cheer to each and every visitor while they are here … Yours always, KSR” … More

Outside view of Brücke-Museum, September 1967, photo: Reinhard Friedrich, Academy of Arts, Berlin, Werner Düttmann Archive, No. 33 F.33/8