Ernst Ludwig Kirchner


Sich kämmender Akt

Material / Technique
Bildmaß 125 × 90 cm
Rahmenmaß 146,5 × 111 × 5,5 cm
Acquisition details
Erworben 1971 aus dem Kunsthandel
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Sich kämmender Akt, 1913, Öl auf Leinwand, Brücke-Museum, Gemeinfreies Werk
Object Reference
Vorderseite von Violette Bäume

Exhibitions (selection)

Literature (selection)

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Signiert unten rechts: EL Kirchner (Signatur)
Nicht bezeichnet (Bezeichnung)

Inventory Number

Catalog Number
Gordon 361


All content about the artwork is based on conversations from a workshop that took place in the context of Various Answers.

Workshop Participants


Bettina Keß loves museums and exhibitions, and even does some herself


Betül is a film lover and makeup artist who likes to do pottery and listens to classical music and film scores to fall asleep


Brigita, 25, is from Berlin and training to be a pharmaceutical technician


Florian Sievers is a freelance journalist who enjoys writing about business as much as culture


Franziska Achatzi is a green-thumbed curatorial assistant who is passionate about intersectional feminism


Frédéric Duval is an artist from Berlin


Josephine Ansah Valerie Deutesfeld (sie/ihr) is a philosopher who loves creative aesthetics on a large and small scale and enjoys writing and reading


Konni Zeidler, 62, is a consultant medical secretary who is open to all things art and culture


Lena Scheiterbauer is interested in embodiment approaches in experimental dance, studies psychology in Berlin and enjoys reading queer-feminist literature


Lotte Wintraecken is an independent artist and art mediator from Berlin


Stephanie Achatzi loves to move and is a trained Feldenkrais instructor


Viviana, 36 years old, is a biologist from Colombia who is currently working as a plant scientist, she is interested in literature, art and music

Conception / Moderation


Daniela Bystron has worked as an outreach curator for the Brücke Museum since 2018. She studied Art History and Rehabilitation Pedagogy. Her work focuses on art communication, collaborative working practices, and diverse forms of knowledge. She also likes to raise a lot of questions in her private life


Judith Kirchner (sie/ihr) was head of the project Various Answers and is also a freelance art mediator who focuses on art, politics and feminism in her work, she prefers to think and act in collective settings.



Lisa Marei Schmidt, Director, Brücke-Museum, Berlin


Elena Schroll, Curator, Brücke-Museum, Berlin

Additional content

(Betül and Brigita)

Video: Interview, interviewed by Judith Kirchner


Video: Interview, interviewd by Judith Kirchner


Șeyda Kurt works as a freelance journalist and editor at ze.tt. She underwent meditation training for half a year, which taught her not to get too worked up about the hype surrounding meditation
Text: Sei dein most amazing self, published online: I Love You Magazin (iloveyou-magazine.com)


Sonja Eismann is the co-editor of Missy Magazine and researches and writes about feminism and (pop) culture
Text: Männlicher Blick


Isabel Fischer is a freelance art historian, from 2018 to 2020, she was a research trainee at the Brücke-Museum, Berlin. Since then she coordinates digitisation projects for the Brücke-Museum
Text: Sich kämmender Akt, art historian perspective


Sebastian Weise: Recording and editing (video/audio)

(Betül & Brigita) Interview Self-confidence
(Stephanie) Interview Feldenkreis
(Isabel Fischer)
About the work
(Șeyda Kurt)
Be Your Most Amazing Self
(Sonja Eismann)
The Male Gaze
(Konni) Mindfulness
(Betül) Feminist Image
(Lena) Male Gaze
(Josephine) Self Care
(Brigita) Shame
(Betül) Feeling of Safety