At Home

by Katrina Schulz

15 images

Home sweet home! At the beginning of their work together, the Brücke artists were drawn to the Moritzburg ponds near Dresden. Later on, they enjoyed extended summer sojourns at the North Sea coast and on the Baltic, amongst others. Nature always played a central role in the life and work of the painters, but the artists also knew how to pass the time in their studios and apartments too.

How about reading a book, playing a game of cards together, or maybe starting an entirely new hobby and having a go at porcelain painting? Another wonderful way to pass the time is to take good care of yourself – perhaps with a lengthy postprandial snooze or a long bath. In the evenings, meanwhile, the choice might be a game of chess or darning woollen pullovers whose elbows have worn through over the winter. Can you find more ways of passing the time at home?