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ONSITE Festival Grunewald (Day 1)
Interdisciplinary, Site-Specific Art Festival

From 19 August - 3 September Po:era Collective will host the second edition of the artistic residency and site-specific festival ONSITE in collaboration with Brücke-Museum in Berlin.

Applications are open until 16 July!

We invite artists of all disciplines (for example performance, theatre, fine arts, dance, sound, film etc.), creators, thinkers and interdisciplinary practitioners from different countries to apply with a site-specific project, research or action proposal for the Grunewald forest and the neighbourhood of Berlin-Dahlem. We offer a fee of 500 EUR, free lunch and a room in a shared accommodation for 10€/night.

The self-organised residency will take place at the garden and outside workshop space Waldraum (“forest room”) of Brücke-Museum. The museum houses the world’s largest collection of works by members of the group Die Brücke (“The Bridge”), an early 20th-century German expressionist movement. 

During this year’s residency local artists from the neighbouring LebensWerkGemeinschaft will join the program and share their working spaces with the participating resident. 

Po:era will structure and accompany the collective and individual creative process during the residency period and organise workshops, labs and inputs on site-specific research. The artist collectives Gob Squad and Club Real will share their artistic approach and methodology of working in everyday-situations and in dialogue with the more-than-human world.  

The artistic experimentations, actions, interventions or projects will be presented during the festival from 2 - 3 September 2023 in dialogue with the history and inhabitants of the forest as well as the museum and neighbourhood of Dahlem. 

Apply now by filling in the application form!

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This project is part of the initiative DRAUSSENSTADT, funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe and the Foundation for Cultural Education and Cultural Consulting.


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