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Brücke After Hours
Young Professionals in Conversation

An evening of art, criticism and Kir Royal

Our guests are Liane Aviram, Johanna Käthe Michel (N*A*I*L*S) and Shanti Suki Osman. We invite you to chat about rigid institutions, discuss strategies for change, and network over a drink in a relaxed atmosphere.

Since the appointment of the new director two years ago, the Brücke-Museum has opened up a lot of space for creative experiments and room for change. Nonetheless, borders and institutional obstacles are constantly appearing. We provide insights into our work here and want to hear about your current projects and struggles.

We are looking forward to seeing you!
Nora Hogrefe and Katrina Schulz


Short biographies:

Shanti Suki Osman works with acoustic arts on the topics of antiracism, feminisms and cultural education critical of discrimination. She is a research associate and lecturer at the Humboldt University Berlin and co-director of the school and critical race project DIE REMISE, which was founded by Carmen Mörsch. She has realised projects with Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Ballhaus Naunynstraße, Disctrict * School Without Center and Late Nights In Squat Bars among others.

The group N*A*I*L*S was initiated in 2018 and deals with nails and nail art in the context of migration, bio politics and capitalism, as well as nail art studios as a place of critical transcultural and solidary practices. This involves an exchange of intersectional feminist concerns between artists, activists, mediators and cosmeticians. N*A*I*L*S. hacks*facts*fictions started as a transdisciplinary research project initiated by Suza Husse, Ayşe Güleç and Katja Kobolt. It continues as a constantly changing, restless collective that organizes workshops, talks and exhibitions in universities, schools, exhibition spaces and nail studios.

Johanna Käthe Michel is currently studying fine arts in Berlin. In 2018 she graduated with a theoretical thesis formulating an intersectional critique on the (re)production of taste norms through institutional art education. Her artistic practice shows a penchant for found text, objects and footage, institutional critique, feminist discourse, collaborative contexts and public space. Mediative and discursive activities are understood in the framework of an artistic practice. Johanna is part of the transdisciplinary group N*A*I*L*S. Her works have been done and shown at institutional and off-spaces, such as Museum für Fotografie Berlin, Stadtgalerie Kiel, DISTRICT Berlin, Lothringer13 Halle Munich among others.

Liane Aviram is a new-media based artist and researcher. Born in the UK with family in Israel and Germany, her work draws upon questions surrounding economic migration in the Middle East and Europe, transnational motherhood and practises of female empowerment and mobility. Liane has worked with District, Centre without Borders and was involved in the collaborative project titled N*A*I*L*S. hacks*facts*fictions. She is now involved in the coordination of the collaborative think-tank, Karov Qareeb, a Jewish Muslim platform for critical socio-political debate.

The event takes place in German spoken language; some inputs will be in English. Entrance is free.

During the event, photographs will be taken which we will use for non-commercial advertising purposes. By participating, you agree to a possible posting on our website or in the social media. If you do not wish to appear in the photos, please contact the photographers directly.

The building is accessible at ground level, wheelchair accessible toilets are situated in the neighbouring building, the Kunsthaus Dahlem. If you have any questions or needs for the evening, do get in touch with us: hogrefe[at]bruecke-museum.de

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