Traum / Trauma

A performance by Luïza Luz, Chao Li und D’Andrade, at the exhibition Whose Expression? at Brücke-Museum (DE/EN). The project is a performance about dreams and traumas, and how these two dimensions can be connected through visual and sonic elements. The artists will present an interdisciplinary performance in the space of the Brücke-Museum that will enter into direct dialogue with the architecture. With a combination of sculptural method and ephemeral performance, they will create a temporary performative installation. Traum/Trauma is based on inner as well as outer experiences. The conceptual approach of the performance is to express how young people experience and deal with trauma and dreams in a time of climate change, technology and complex political struggles in capitalist and postcolonial societies.These narratives are expressed through the body, sound and the spoken or sung word in different languages (Portuguese, Chinese, English and German).

D’Andrade is a non-binary musician*, poet* and writer* whose conceptual approach is inspired by Afro-futurism and decolonial theory. The focus is on developing investigative works, new narratives and counter-narratives Sound design, coding, archives and interactions are D’Andrade’s tools. D’Andrade co-curated the interdisciplinary festival “Jardim Suspenso” in Brazil and in 2020 founded the solo project “Noise Vivarium”, based on open workshops in which sound experiments, decoloniality and nature play a major role. D’Andrade’s work has been exhibited internationally and in Berlin, including at Sophiensälen, feldfünf, nGbK, Iwalewahaus and the AKE ARTS & BOOK FESTIVAL in Nigeria.

Li Chao, lives and works in Berlin. Member of the SAN PANG political arts group. He is engaged in interdisciplinary and cross-media research in art and science, sociology, philosophy, psychology, ethics and other disciplines, and creates art in the form of material painting, installation, performance, sound, video and theatre. Member of berufsverband bildender künstler*innen berlin, Member of Kunstverein in Hamburg, Member of China Institute of stage design. Beijing Institute for Visual Arts Distinguished Artist, Resident Artist at Red Gate Gallery, Signed artist of Art in Living Spaces in Germany, signed artist of A60 Gallery in Italy, signed artist of Yi Gallery in Shanghai. His works have been exhibited in more than 80 exhibitions and collected by institutions and collectors in China, Germany, France, Italy, USA, UK, Austria, Greece and other countries.

Luïza Luz (they / them) From São Paulo, Brazil - Lives in Berlin, Germany Luïza Luz is a transdisciplinary artist, educator, and cultural worker addressing the binary nature-culture in language, identity, and institutions. Their poetics evolve from written and vocal words, that become images, lectures, sound performances, installations, and collaborative (un)learning sites. They graduated in Visual Arts (2017) and also studied with Indigenous authors as Ailton Krenak and was awarded a scholarship by the Ecologist Fritjof Capra. In 2017 they published the book “T(t)ERRA: Artistic Pedagogical Approaches for The Cultivation of Ecological Cultures”. In 2021 they integrated the first Wanwu Council 萬物社 created by the artist Zheng Bo at Gropius Bau, Berlin. Their latest audiovisual performance “After Nature Soundscape” (2020), a collaboration with artist Vi Amoras, was presented at the group show “Creative Code Art”, held in New York, at Lightbox Gallery, and at “UUU - Unbounded, Unleashed, Unforgiving - Reconsidering Cyberfeminism in 2021”, held at New Art City, and at the Kommunale Galerie, Berlin. In 2021 they also presented the lecture performance “A Grounding Piece of Land” at the Floating University, and won the Junge Akademie award from Akademie der Künste for their new project “The Privilege of Dreaming”. Luïza Luz is now an MA student at UdK - Universität der Künste, Berlin, at the Art in Context Institut, where they also coordinate the AsTA department for Sustainability and Climate Justice and teaches for undergraduate students the Seminar “Planetary Embodiment: Ancient Approaches, New Earthly Cultures”. Website:

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