Sound Performance
Sonic Oblation Un-Muted by Satch Hoyt

The artist Satch Hoyt presents the sound performance Sonic Oblation Un-Muted, as part of the Transition Exhibition.

The artistic work is dedicated to Gregory Ionman Tate. All instruments are played by Satch Hoyt, composed and arranged by Satch Hoyt, recording engineer and co-producer is Dirk Leyers.

In his work Sonic Oblation Un-Muted , visual artist and musician Satch Hoyt establishes a dialogue with the musical instruments in the collection. Hoyt awakes these instruments from their state of silence, repositioning them into their role of sounding forms. His longstanding engagement to ‘un-mute’ colonial sound collections captured during the European colonial period reminds us that, “instruments, like human beings, have a spirit within them and are supposed to be played, they are not created to lay dormant in display cases and crates”.


“Born London 1957; resides Berlin. Satch Hoyt is a spiritualist, a believer in ritual and retention. A visual artist and a musician, his diverse and multifaceted body of work- whether sculpture, sound installation, painting, musical performance, or musical recording - is united in its investigation of the “Eternal Afro-Sonic Signifier” and its movement across and amid the cultures, peoples, places, and times of the African Diaspora. Those four evocative words (a term coined by Hoyt) refer to the “mnemonic network of sound” that was enslaved Africans’ “sole companion during the forced migration of the Middle Passage.”1 lt was, and is, a hard-won somatic tool kit for remembering where you come from and who you are - and maybe, where you’re going - against all the many odds. Of Jamaican-British descent, Hoyt was born in London and currently lives in Berlin. Having also spent time in New York, Paris, Mombasa, and Australia’s Northern Territory - all points on the many-sided and ever-expanding star that is the African Diaspora - he is an intimate observer of the sites of convergence where the Diaspora comes together to sing, shout, and be, reflecting itself to itself. Employing the shared tool kit to connect, express, and commiserate across centuries and oceans, Hoyt taps into aural and oral echoes as well as into those retained in the historical and material record.”

written by Rujeko Hockley for the catalog Prospect 4: The Lotus in Spite of the Swamp, 2017

Please note: Participation is only possible with complete vaccination protection or proof of convalescent status + a booster vaccination or rapid test (no self-test). The current distance and hygiene regulations apply, as well as a general FFP2 mask requirement.

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