Sound Performance
Sonic Circle by Manuela García Aldana

The Sonic Circle is a sound performance by the artist Manuela García Aldana, which is part of the Transition Exhibition at Kunsthaus Dahlem.

Listening is the key to Manuela García Aldana’s artistic practice. Her Sonic Circle is inspired by El Círculo de las Palabras (Circle of Words) practiced by the Wiwa and other Colombian communities. It involves people gathering around a fire, listening and sharing ideas and stories.

Manuela García Aldana (Bogotá, 1990) is a Colombian interdisciplinary artist. She graduated in the Universidad de los Andes (Master of Arts) in Bogotá and currently studies a master’s degree at the Berlin Kunsthochschule Weissensee in spatial strategies (Raumstrategien). In her process-based work (soundscapes, Dj sets, listening collective practices, radio shows and drawings), listening is the principle and arises as a context-driven response to the search for spaces of encounter. She addresses diaspora and identity questions with the will to unlearn and remember other ways of inhabiting our collective life experience. Latest works and compositions have been featured at Agora Collective (, nGbK (museo de la democracia), Errant Sound (The Listening Academy), Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid (Simetría de los encuentros) Savvy Contemporary (Invocations For The Phoenix To Find Its Form In Us On Restitution, Rehabilitation and Reparation). You can find her in the sonic waves, monthly on Radio Alhara (Palestine). 


Please note: Participation is only possible with complete vaccination protection or proof of convalescent status + a booster vaccination or rapid test (no self-test). The current distance and hygiene regulations apply, as well as a general FFP2 mask requirement.

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