Living Knowledge [German]

Users of Düttmann’s buildings talk about their interactions, experiences and memories in conversation with K.I. – Büro für Kunstvermittlung Berlin e.V.

What is it like to live in a building by Werner Düttmann? Which ideas and functions have proven their worth in use, and which should be viewed critically from today’s perspective? Users and residents report on their experiences of selected buildings by Werner Düttmann. They will work with the artist and art education collective K.I. on artistic collaborative projects during the exhibition.

St. Martin is not only a church, but also a community centre, KITA, school, place of residence, workplace, courtyard and neighbourhood. Anna-Lena Wenzel and Karen Winzer/ K.I. met with young and old users and old users and talked to them about their experiences in and with Düttmann’s architecture. Short audio pieces were compiled from the conversations on site, which can be experienced in a sound installation.

A cooperation between the parish of St. Martin, Anna-Lena Wenzel and Karen Winzer/ K.I. Büro für Kunstvermittlung Berlin e.V.

The event will take place in St. Martin, Märkisches Viertel.

Due to the limited number of participants, we kindly ask you to register for this event. You can register online on the exhibition website wernerduettmann.de two weeks before the event.

Note: The current distance and hygiene regulations apply, as well as a general mask obligation. The obligation to test is waived.

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