by students of the weißensee kunsthochschule

For the second time, art and design students at the Weissensee School of Art and Design have taken a closer look at the Brücke-Museum. Under difficult conditions, the first digital semester, interventions have been developed which are now being shown and tested in the exhibition space. The students invite you to staged situations of aesthetic experience. The seminar was accompanied by the artist and art mediator Prof. Mona Jas and the curator for Outreach Daniela Bystron.

Greetings from Neukölln beach holidays
Noëmie Cassagnau

Noëmie Cassagnau works with the nature paintings of the Brücke artists – especially with the motif of the bathers – by creating an analogy between the depicted figures in the historical paintings and the urban sunbathers today. Differences become obvious: the diversity of Berlin’s current cityscape contrasts with the homogeneous representations of the Expressionist group of artists. Postcards show today’s Berlin scenes, a sound installation makes aesthetic observations of today audible.

Time: 12 noon / 1 pm / 2 pm / 3 pm
Location: Postcard stand in the foyer and sound in the exhibition space

Dialogue Distance (A letter in between)
Vera Castelijns

Take a seat and keep a distance of 1.5 m. Take your time to look at the painting more closely. You can now open a dialogue with the painting or with the person depicted. Maybe you write down your thoughts or messages and write a letter to the painting?

Location: Exhibition space

Right Position?
Sofya Chernykh

Is there a correct position in art, in a museum or as a viewer? Which perspectives do artists and curators take? How do museums establish structures that generate orders in art? And what possibilities are there for the public to find an unobstructed view or their own position? Sofya Chernykh invites you to a 1-on-1 performance to explore these topics together.

Time: 12:45 noon / 1:15 pm / 1:45 pm / 2:15 pm / 2:45 pm / 3:15 pm / 3:45 pm (registration on site)
Location: Beach chair in the exhibition room

Polly Härle

Looking at art is often done routinely: Usually we keep the same distance from the works, first capturing the entire picture before we turn our attention to the details. I would like to break through and reverse this approach with you. The field of vision is reduced to a minimum, so that an unfamiliar and new view of the paintings can emerge. Afterwards, I invite you to a conversation about your new reception.

Time: 12:30 noon / 1:30 pm / 2:30 pm / 3:30 pm (registration on site)
Location: Museum’s garden and exhibition space

Affiba Karkani

Often the walls in museums are painted white. The colour white is classic, clean and neutral. For many visitors white walls are normal inside museums. When I visited the website of the Brücke-Museum for the first time, I was surprised by the multicolored backgrounds, because they deviated from the classical, neutral backgrounds. I asked myself to what extent the colour of the environment changes the work of art. There should be something like that in a museum, I thought! You can try it yourself today.

Time: 12 noon–4 pm
Location: Exhibition space

The Sun keeps on shining, Brücke Friends 2020
Sigune Roloff

Sigune Roloff stages a painting situation of a Brücke artist in 2020 in the garden, en plein air (in the open air). The visitors are invited to join her and leave one or more ceremonial brushstrokes.

Time: 12 noon–4 pm
Location: Museum’s garden

The way in between: An audio walk
Lorenz Willkomm

Every visitor finds their own way through the exhibition rooms, follows different rhythms and thus performs an individual dance. The audio walk is intended to encourage the audience to consciously experience this path between the images. The path in between is an audio guide that does not tell you what you see, but how you could see.

Time: 12 noon–4 pm
Location: Exhibition space

Admission is free for students. Public events are included in the admission fee, admission is free for under-18s. Registration is not necessary for this event, registration for the 1-on-1 actions is possible at the entrance with Daniela Bystron and Mona Jas. There may be short waiting times due to the current rules of hygiene and conduct.

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