The Karl Schmidt-Rottluff Scholarship at Brücke-Museum

The Brücke-Museum presents the 14 finalists of the Karl Schmidt-Rottluff Scholarship in an exhibition. The scholarship is a prize genuinely intended by an artist for artists to promote young talent.

Shortly before his death, the artist Karl Schmidt-Rottluff (1884–1976) established two foundations with very different objectives: The Karl and Emy Schmidt-Rottluff Foundation manages the artist’s artistic estate and legacy and provides financial support to the Brücke-Museum. The Karl Schmidt-Rottluff Förderungsstiftung has been nurturing young artists since 1975. Promising young artists are supported by a monthly grant for a duration of two years, allowing them to concentrate on their artistic work. Among the former scholarship holders are renowned artists such as Isa Genzken (1978), Marcel Odenbach (1989), Katharina Grosse (1995) or Henrike Naumann (2018).
Candidates are nominated for the Karl Schmidt-Rottluff Scholarship, primarily by art academies in Germany and former scholarship holders alongside a changing roster of important figures from the visual arts. The selection procedure has two stages. Based on the submitted documents, a preselection jury decides a shortlist of applicants who will be invited to present their work in the main selection process. There are between three and five scholarships to be awarded. This year’s winners will be announced on 5 September 2022.
This year, the Brücke-Museum – in connection with its founder Karl Schmidt-Rottluff – will present an exhibition featuring the main selection of nominees for the Karl Schmidt-Rottluff Scholarship.
Since its inception, the Karl Schmidt-Rottluff Scholarship has cooperated with the German Academic Scholarship Foundation, which is responsible for its conception and implementation. Since 2007, the Marianne Ingenwerth Foundation, as part of the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft (Donors’ Association for the Promotion of Sciences and Humanities in Germany), has also been a cooperation partner and provides financial support for the scholarship.

Admission to the exhibition is free!




Finalists: Matej Bosnić, Cudelice Brazelton IV, Nicolas Fehr, Lea Gocht, Lena Grossmann, Daniel Hopp, Larissa Rosa Lackner, Mira Mann, Jonas Monka, Irina Ojovan, Antonia Rodrian, Andrėja Šaltytė, Lisa Marie Schmitt, Frieda Toranzo Jaeger


Programme Director Karl Schmidt-Rottluff Scholaship: Dr. Julia Apitzsch-Haack (Team Leader Berlin Office Studienstiftung & Leader Arts)
Programme Coordination: Anna Teckentrup