To visit the Brücke Museum, you do not need to present a rapid test certificate, nor a booked time slot. Please find our  current hygiene regulations here.

The Berlin architect and urban planner Werner Düttmann would have turned a hundred years old on 6 March 2021. This anniversary is celebrated with the large-scale exhibition Werner Düttmann. Building.More

Portrait of the architect Werner Düttmann before a party, undated, in the background: Pablo Picasso, Françoise, lithography, 1946, photo: Ingeborg Lommatzsch © Ingeborg Lommatzsch / Succession Picasso / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2021

The graphic designer Julia Born is awarded the Swiss Grand Prix Design 2021. Since 2018 she is responsible for the Brücke-Museum’s entire corporate identity, including this website. We congratulate her for this award!


The Swiss Prize Jury states: “Julia Born has managed to do what few in the graphic design world are able to: develop a distinctive signature without using an easily identifiable style.” … More

Foto: Julia Born

The landscape architects of atelier le balto revitalise the garden of the Brücke Museum. Situated alongside the Grunewald, the museum is set on a spacious forest area. The work of atelier le balto is characterised by an ecologically sustainable and artistic approach. They create aesthetic places of encounter and exchange in nature. … More

Sketch © atelier le balto

A room in the middle of the forest: the international architecture, design and art collective collective ConstructLab designed the Waldraum (forest room) as a special place for experiencing nature, social … More

Sketch of the Waldraum for the Brücke-Museum, 2020 © ConstructLab