by Nora Hogrefe

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The bright moon is a source of fascination to many people, with some even blaming the full moon for sleepless nights. Yet at the same time, the phenomenon of the ever-changing celestial body conveys continuity. Indeed, the moon may change its shape night after night, but in essence it remains constant. With its continuous rotation around the earth, not only does the moon influence the ebb and flow of the tide, it is also closely connected to the female cycle.

The atmospheric spectacle of moonlight in darkness inspired Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, too. The Brücke artist captured the moonlight creatively using various colours and shapes in his multifaceted night paintings. At times, the moon is hardly discernible from the sun, while at others Schmidt-Rottluff paints it as a narrow crescent hovering above two women on their way to a riverbank.