Sound Performance with Sarah Fartuun Heinze (GER)

The collector Hanna Bekker vom Rath was ahead of her time in many respects, lived an emancipated, independent life and cultivated her friendships extensively. The concepts of romantic love, bourgeois nuclear family and friendly relationships are currently the subject of much discussion. Three performances in the Summer Festival programme invite visitors to explore ideas of relationships, interpersonal connections and the idea of the ‘chosen family’ in various formats such as performances, workshops and readings.

‘The Blue House was a lively, open centre for diverse exchange, with guests coming and going all year round. Connected to my memories of the individual rooms, which serve as a backdrop for the encounters I experienced, are the friends of my grandmother who lived there.’ - Marian Stein-Steinfeld about Hanna Bekker vom Rath.

At the Brücke-Museum summer festival, Sarah Fartuun Heinze invites everyone who likes to play (along). Fartuun Heinze is a multidisciplinary* (media) artist and describes herself as a multiverseMusicMagician. During a joint jam session, we will reflect on existing social relationships. How can we engage with traditional relationship formats such as the romantic couple? Question them? And expand them? What impulses for new relationships do we get when we approach this topic together in a playful and musical way?

Sarah Fartuun Heinze (multiverse Pronouns : they/her) Loves To Play multiverse : SpielRäume Partizipativer Kunst mit Viel Raum Für ‘Das Wichtigste Ist Dass Es Allen Gut Geht Alles Andere Entsteht Daraus. – was das bedeutet finden wir gemeinsam raus.’
They live in Hamburg, grew up in southern Germany, come from East Africa & create analogue & digital & hybrid solo leveling & in multiverse artistic* complicity heart-&-playfulst (e.g. as part of dgtl fmnsm & SFHKverse)
positions itself Black CripQueer Neurospicy Trans*Nonbinary .
is Also For example For example Also multiverseDisciplinary* (Media)Artist*In & multiversecurious Aesthetic*Researcher*In & multiverseMusicMagician & Intersec*Tech*Wizard.

Current AestheticResearchProjects : ‘Let’s Play : MusicTheatre’ (1 multiverse game principle)  

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