Guided tour, Audiowalk,

What are we? (GER)
with Thủy-Tiên Nguyễn

How would you live relationships if everything was possible? Thủy-Tiên Nguyễn, author and performer, invites you to take a walk with headphones. You will hear fragments of text that encourage you to think about different forms of relationships.

In an audio walk, Thủy-Tiên Nguyễn sheds light on different forms of interpersonal connection and, in particular, the idea of the “chosen family”. Nguyễn questions why platonic love, queer relationships or friendships receive much less attention in society as a whole than romantic love. How can we rethink relationships without judging one as better or worse? With poetry and prose texts, the audio walk “What are we actually?” invites us to think about intentional and de-hierarchized relationships. During a walk together through the short forest path, reflective questions stimulate thought and open up the opportunity to question our own internalized social norms. How would you conduct relationships if everything were possible? If colonialism, capitalism and patriarchy no longer defined the norm? determined the norm? If these systems no longer benefited from the fact that the “romantic couple relationship” is considered the most important and highest form of relationship?

The collector Hanna Bekker vom Rath was ahead of her time in many respects, lived an emancipated, independent life and cultivated her friendships extensively. Currently, the concepts between
romantic love, the bourgeois nuclear family and friendly relationships are currently the subject of much discussion. Three performances in the Summer Festival program invite you to explore ideas of relationships, interpersonal connections and the idea of the “chosen family” in various formats such as performances, workshops and readings.

Thủy-Tiên Nguyễn (no pronouns) is a performer, writer, dance theatre maker, choreographer, community organizer and political educator who dreams of việt-diasporic dreams, queer trans joy, collective care, and justice for all. Thủy-Tiên also looks at what an approach to more sustainable community work can look like in practice and what this has to do with transformative justice and relationship work. Thủy-Tiên is part of the art and empowerment collective Spicy Ginkgo Collective (@spicyginkgo.collective) and part of the consulting collective DisCheck (@discheck_). | Instagram: @storiesbythuy


Time: 1:30 pm & 4:30 pm
Registration: On the day itself at the info table
Information on barrier reduction: German spoken language, spoken texts will be available in printed form, approx. 30 minutes walk through a forest path incl. several short breaks.
Covid: Please do a Covid self-test beforehand!

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