Guided tour, Adults, Talk

Art, Architecture, Nature. A Guided Tour of the Brücke-Museum

With Isabel Fischer (Curator of the Collection Brücke-Museum)

The Brücke artist Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, the museum man Leopold Reidemeister and the architect Werner Düttmann provided the decisive impetus for the creation of the Berlin Brücke Museum, which was already regarded as a pioneering institution in the field of German Expressionism when it opened in 1967. Karl Schmidt-Rottluff himself was the initiator of this museum located by the Grunewald, and laid the foundation for the museum’s holdings with his works and his personal collection, supported by generous donations from his friend and colleague Erich Heckel. Leopold Reidemeister, the first and long-standing director of the museum, provided conceptual support for its foundation. In 1964, Werner Düttmann was given the task of designing suitable rooms for the art of the Brücke and constructing the museum building. The result was a place that guaranteed a permanent home for the works of the Brücke artists and their contemporaries. The museum’s natural location on the edge of the Grunewald forest was intentional. For the Brücke, nature as a place to work was always synonymous with the studio and an important motif in their art. To this day, the Brücke-Museum has retained its special aura in the harmony of art, architecture and nature.

In the guided tour “Art, Architecture, Nature”, collection curator Isabel Fischer provides insights into the various aspects of the Brücke-Museum’s history. Bridges to the present are also repeatedly built and current approaches to the museum’s work at the Brücke-Museum are discussed.

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