Workshop, Waldraum, Adults

Against the Grain. Power-Critical Perspectives
Workshop for Multipliers in Education and Social Work

With the art educators Karen Michelsen Castañón and Tanja Bianca-Schmidt

With their expressive, colourful, and high-contrast paintings, the Brücke artists not only rebelled against the prevailing sense of taste and the strongly restrictive taboos of the bourgeoisie at the beginning of the twentieth century, but also contributed to the consolidation of exoticized, sexualized, and normative ideas about nature, the body, and society. In this workshop, we will approach the art of the Brücke group from a perspective that is critical of power and sensitive to discrimination. To this end, we will first trace and critically reflect on our own positioning. We will then look at and try out methods of critical visual observation. During the workshop, we will address the following questions: From which position do I speak? What do I see? What ideas about otherness, nudity, nature, role models, difference does the work convey? What (hurtful) effect does exhibiting this artwork have on you? To what extent does your experience guide your perception? How does a different attitude to the work change your perception?  

The workshop is process-oriented and is accompanied by various exercises and methods that use the participants’ experiential knowledge and self-observation as an important resource. The exercises take place in individual work, in small groups, and in plenary phases.

Limited number of participants. Please register here via Jugend im Museum e.V.

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