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Art in the Forest
Creating Outdoors with Natural Materials

With Marcos García Pérez (artist) and Carla Schliephack (artist)

Let’s go to the forest to be outside and make art. You’ll find suitable materials and plenty of space. The works in the Brücke Museum can serve as inspiration. Over a hundred years ago, Brücke artists often painted and drew outdoors. In the garden of the Kunsthaus Dahlem, you can view outdoor sculptures. Both museums will serve as a starting point for you to work and exhibit together outdoors. Your works, whether built, painted, or drawn, will form a parcourse. Use the forest as your large studio!

The Waldraum is a place for exchange, production, and reflection in the garden of the Brücke-Museum. Designed as a glass pavilion by the architecture and art collective ConstructLab, it offers a special experience of art and nature.

Meeting Lines is a Berlin-based art duo consisting of Marcos García Pérez and Carla Schliephack. Together they investigate critical collective processes at the intersection of human/environment and self-education/art. To this end, they develop site-specific drawing practices between copying, improvising and playing. The recycling of materials lies within their focus of art education and artistic practice.

Marcos García Pérez studied Fine Arts at the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia and graduated from the UdK Berlin in 2020 in the Art in Context program. Since then, he has worked as an independent artist and art educator.

After a B.A. in Fashion Design, Carla Schliephack graduated as a diplomat and master student of the Sculpture Faculty of the Berlin Weißensee School of Art. With her further training as a systemic coach, she now also works as an art mediator and freelance artist in Berlin.

A cooperation with the Kunsthaus Dahlem and Jugend im Museum e.V. For children and young people from 6-12 years, admission: €54. Limited number of participants. Please register under the following link from Jugend im Museum e.V.

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