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Body Awareness
Empowerment Workshop for BIPoC*

With Pasquale Virginie Rotter (holistic process facilitator, somatic coach, and healing being)

Hanna Bekker vom Rath repeatedly defied the norms of society, not only with her secret exhibitions during the Nazi era, but also with her self-determined and independent lifestyle. Most BIPoC also know only too well the experience of constantly resisting the racist status quo. The increasing shift to the right has a strong impact on the bodies of marginalized people. The extent to which one has to live in constant resilience is difficult to put into words. What it means to be constantly exposed to racist violence is all the more tangible in the bodies of racialized people.

How can we create much needed safe spaces where the bodies of marginalized people can rest for a moment? Where can a moment of respite be created for those bodies that otherwise have to constantly arm themselves for new experiences of violence? And how can we also talk about the fact that, for many, the mindset of constant vigilance is not so easy to shake off?

The Body Awareness / Empowerment Workshop for BIPoC aims to address these questions and to look at how we can unite and free ourselves from the burdens of a discriminatory majority society.

* BIPoC is a political self-identification and an acronym for Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour. The acronym BIPoC unites these communities but also highlights their different experiences (of discrimination). It is therefore sometimes used as an alternative to the term People of Colour to make Black and Indigenous identities explicitly visible and to emphasize that not all People of Colour experience the same realities.

Interested in ways to unlearn physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually internalized oppression, Pas has developed several somatic approaches to guide groups and individuals in holistic transformation processes. Pas works as a Holistic Facilitator, Somatic Coach (#thelovinggaze), Author and Healing Being, working at the intersections of body, activism, trauma, healing and community. As a Black, genderfluid, chronically ill, and class ambivalent being, Pas practices a decolonizing perspective on body and intellect as well as the recognition of transgenerationally mediated and embodied knowledges in violent power relations. Pas has published in the practice book “Decolonizing Transformation”, the feminist community blog mä, the Heinrich Böll Foundation’s empowerment dossier, Missy Magazine and as Ally in Yalta. Positions on the Jewish Present. Development of the project EmpA - Empowerment, Sensitization and Antiracist Opening at the Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin (2018-2020), Artist in Residence in Fordypningsrommet - The Arctic Hideaway (2018), portrayed in the photo book Daima. Images of Women of Color ( by Nzitu Mawakha (2013), performer in Leise Transformation, Making Mirrors - Von Körpern und Blicken (2011) and Earthport (Berlin/Cairo 2016 and 2017), translator of Vertrauen, Kraft und Widerstand: Kurze Texte und Reden von Audre Lorde (2015), scholarship holder of the Literarisches Colloquium Berlin (2017), co-initiator and adminx of the feminist and adultism-critical children’s book Wir sind Heldinnen! Unsere Geschcihten (2017).

This event is part of the series FEMINIST PERSPECTIVES, an intersectional, discursive accompanying programme curated by Sonja Eismann (editor of Missy Magazine) and Josephine Papke (author and journalist).

Due to the limited number of participants, please register here in advance. Public events are included in the admission fee. Meeting point: Ticket desk in the foyer.

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