Holiday course, Young People

Vacation Course: Our space, your story. space installation, empowerment, storytelling

ATTENTION: Due to too few participants, the course had to be cancelled.


With self-created constructions, fabrics, sound recordings and narratives, the Waldraum (Forest Room) grows and becomes the place of your stories.

Censorship, persecution, flight - what do you think? And how can we deal with these topics today? With questions like these, we want to focus on joint artistic work and experimentation. Parallel to the exhibitions at the Brücke-Museum and Kunsthaus Dahlem, we will develop an installation based on your own stories, ideas and feelings in relation to these topics. The course instructors, who are experienced in performance, sound and installation, will support you in this process.

With Katie Lee Dunbar & Karen Michelsen Castañón (artists)

Cooperation with Jugend im Museum e.V. & Kunsthaus Dahlem

For young people from 12 years, admission: €54. Limited number of participants. Please register at Jugend im Museum e.V.

Jugend im Museum e.V.
+49 (0)30 50 59 0771

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