Waldraum, Adults, Young People, Workshop

Workshop Against Antiziganism (GER)

With David Paraschiv, Veronika Patočková und Estera Sara Stan (RomaTrial e.V.) 

“Antiziganism, or racism against Roma* and Sinti*, represents a current and independent power and violence relationship that has emerged over centuries in European society and is therefore deeply rooted in the present”, writes the independent Commission Antiziganism in its report in May 2021.

This structural phenomenon, which reaches into the middle of society, has been ignored for decades. Germany still does not sufficiently fulfill its historical responsibility in the fight against antiziganism. For this reason, the RomaTrial association offers workshops for pedagogical staff as part of the educational program against antiziganism WE ARE HERE! workshops for pedagogical professionals, in which on the one hand the historical contuities as well as the current manifestations of antiziganism and their effects on Rom*nja and Sinti*zze are explained. And on the other hand, the common antiziganistic images are identified and refuted in relation to the respective work contexts. Together, practical counter-strategies will be developed in the workshop. 

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