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Expert Tour: Rom*nja Feminism (GER)

With RomaniPhen e.V. / Feminist Rom*nja Archive Berlin

RomaniPhen e.V. is an association of Rom*nja and Sinti*zze. As a self-organization, they are primarily active in the field of education, knowledge and cultural production.

They work in the field of extracurricular historical and political education, on racism-critical further education for professionals and multipliers, on the development and mediation of educational materials. Their work focuses on feminist work with girls, Romani-related events and the networking of activists, as well as the appreciation and dissemination of Romani knowledge. The title RomaniPhen is derived from two meanings: the “RomaniSister” and the “culture/language/history” of the Rom*nja. The concept of culture contained in the title is in no way directed at the preservation and transmission of any customs. Rather, the association is concerned with the diverse cultures of resistance, survival, social interpretation, historical testimonies and analyses, as well as the social participation of Rom*nja.

Public events are free with museum ticket. No pre-registration is necessary.

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