Workshop, Waldraum, Adults

ConstructLab-Stool Building in the Forest Room (in German)

With Mascha Fehse (Architect/Artist, Berlin) and Tomma Suki (Designer/Illustrator, Berlin)

How does circular building work? How do you think of space in terms of use or material? How do architecture and design enable participatory processes? And in concrete terms: how do you build a stool? These questions will be discussed and practically tested in the workshop using the Brücke Museum’s forest room as an example: the forest room will become a shared production site for a stool that ConstructLab developed and that has been adapted and optimised for a decade on various construction sites in a wide variety of locations. All the steps of assembly are explained and put into practice, so that at the end of the workshop, each participant has assembled their own stool (for themselves). And what is special is that the stool is made of wood offcuts.

In the realisation of the forest space by ConstructLab, the conscious use of resources as well as situational thinking and a locally oriented way of working were also in the foreground. The wood comes partly from the garden of the Brücke Museum itself and the surrounding forests, while the greenhouse is a recycled industrial product. The forest room should change the surroundings into a space by changing it as little as possible.

Please wear work clothes.

Material costs will be paid directly to the speakers on site.

The workshop is for young people and adults. Tools will be used and independent use of them is a prerequisite.

Material costs: 15 € (please pay cash at Brücke-Museum)

Registration via Museumsdienst Berlin
+49 (0)30 247 49 888

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