Artistic Readings
Why poetry is a perennial von Ruth Buchanan

Why poetry is a perennial, duration 10 min, one-to-one readings in the Transition Exhibition at Kunsthaus Dahlem by Ruth Buchanan (EN).

Ruth Buchanan’s artistic work addresses the dynamic relationship between body, power, language and architecture. Buchanan conducts herreadings face to face with visitors, creating an intimate encounter with poetry. They are based on an ongoing engagement with the poet J.C. Sturm (1927–2009), one of the first female Māori writers to have her work published. Sturm addressed the paradoxical situation faced by women in society today: while they have more autonomy, their status is perpetually unstable. Buchanan’s feminist gestures offer approaches to challenge these entrenched structures and imbalances exposed in exhibitions.

Please note: Participation is only possible with complete vaccination protection or proof of convalescent status + a booster vaccination or rapid test (no self-test). The current distance and hygiene regulations apply, as well as a general FFP2 mask requirement.

You can register for the events at the info desk at Kunsthaus Dahlem. Please note that there may be waiting times.

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