Presentation and Talk

with students of the weißensee kunsthochschule berlin and Beaux-Arts de Marseille.

From 11 to 16 October, students from Berlin and Marseille will use the newly built Waldraum (Forest Room) of the Brücke-Museum and the surrounding forest as a studio. They will work directly in nature, testing out possibilities of artistic practice and presentation in the open air. On Saturday, 16 October from 2 to 5 pm, which is the last day of the project, the group invites you to a public tour in the garden of the Brücke-Museum.

Previously, both groups of students worked together for three semesters on the subject of painting/landscape, culture/nature and the related actual questions. In their exploration of the motif of the designed landscape and the forest, they sought to tap into the artistic potential and use it to define their own view of the environment. Due to the pandemic, this exchange took place mainly digitally. The cryptic project title OverseasSurgeriesPrepareSomewhat reflects the daily study routine of the last one and a half years. The video conferencing application Jitsi randomly generated this title for the students’ digital meeting place.

Project coordination
weißensee kunsthochschule Berlin: Friederike Feldmann and Alex Wagner
Beaux-Arts de Marseille: Katharina Schmidt, Jean Baptiste
Brücke-Museum: Daniela Bystron, curator for outreach / Irene Bretscher and Anna Budniewski, assistance

Students weißensee kunsthochschule: Fadi Aljabour, Mila Asmira cano, Hannah Bohnen, Paula Breuer und Stefan Pfattner, Valentin Cafuk, Sofia Efremenko, Abie Franklin, Gema Gubianas, Leo Elia Jung, Christopher Krause, Lukas Luzius Leichtle, Janine Muckermann, Helena Ommert, Shira Orion, Soorena Petgar, Ximena Ferrer Pizarro, Robin Rapp, Katharina Reinsbach, Devi Sund Rojo, Keanu Sapadi, Jenna Seedorf, Paul Schlipf, Lili Theilen and Lars Unkenholz.

Students Beaux-Arts de Marseille: Drissia Bourlier, Sounaina Devi Bunma, Côme Calmettes, Mathilde Craquelin, Neïla Czermak, Marine Douet, Léo Moya, Cassandra Naigre, David’ohm Ndong-Nsi-Eya, Christophe Perreaud, Avel Plégat, Eva Reinert, Lucie Seta and Pajot Vincent.

OverseasSurgeriesPrepareSomewhat is a cooperation with the weißensee kunsthochschule berlin, Beaux-Arts de Marseille and the Brücke-Museums.

The cooperation is supported by the Franco-German Youth Office.

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