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Eine neue Mitte: Werner Düttmann und die City [German]
City walk with POLIGONAL

With the construction of the Wall in 1961, which was intended to separate the Eastern and Western sectors, Berlin also became a divided city in terms of urban space. The area around Kurfürstendamm became the centre of walled-in West Berlin and was considered a “symbol of the Wirtschaftswunder (economic miracle)”. City West thus developed into a new commercial centre around the Zoologischer Garten railway station, with prestigious new buildings that were also to be seen as a symbol of political power vis-à-vis the GDR.

Werner Düttmann, who had been Berlin’s Senatsbaudirektor (Senate Building Director) since 1960, played a significant role in the construction of the new centre of West Berlin during this period. After the reunification of Germany in 1990, however, the future of these built symbols of West Berlin was called into question, and many people called for the demolition of some of the—now listed—buildings we will see on this tour.

This walk with POLIGONAL Office for Urban Communication traces these sites of new beginnings and growth, spanning an arc between Westend and City West, and exploring Düttmann’s built contributions to the construction of a new centre.

Meeting point: Edinburghhouse, Theodor Heuss Platz 5, 14052 Berlin

Duration: approx. 2.5 hours

Please note that a valid BVG ticket is needed for this walk. This walk will talk place in all weather.

Ticket booking is required to attend this event. You can purchase an online ticket on the exhibition website two weeks before the event.

Note: The current distance and hygiene regulations apply, as well as a general mask obligation. The obligation to test is waived.

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