Façade Design Action [German]

With Atelier Fanelsa (architectural practice) in cooperation with Gewobag

The „Graue Laus”, a large apartment block in Berlin-Kreuzberg, was built in 1968-70 based on a design by Werner Düttmann. On two action days, Atelier Fanelsa collaborates with residents, passers-by and guests to develop new design ideas for the base area of the facade. In one part the ideas are implemented directly into reality together with the participants using paint and brushes.

 Atelier Fanelsa is an international team of architects based in Berlin and Gerswalde (Brandenburg). The studio investigates contemporary forms of working, living and commoning in the countryside, the periphery, and the city. They realize private projects, public buildings, exhibitions, and workshops. Within these formats the Team develops innovative and qualitative answers to questions regarding the conditions of today’s society. 

Due to the limited number of participants, we kindly ask you to register for this event. You can register online on the exhibition website two weeks before the event.

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