Redesign of the garden

atelier le balto

Until spring 2021, the landscape architects of atelier le balto will revitalise the garden of the Brücke Museum. Situated alongside the Grunewald, the museum is set on a spacious forest area. The work of atelier le balto is characterised by an ecologically sustainable and artistic approach. They create aesthetic places of encounter and exchange in nature. With this approach, le balto has already worked for the Villa Romana in Florence and the Ludwig Forum in Aachen.

The transformation of the garden is the result of a series of gardening interventions: At the end of February, plants were taken away and moved to create space for new ideas. Afterwards a resting phase follows so that new plants can grow in early summer. Subsequently, new plants will be added in autumn.


Supported by the Friends of the Museum (Fördererkreis Brücke-Museum e.V.)