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Forest area Grunewald

Under the Open Sky Into a World of Pleasure

“The Grunewald, a regal coniferous forest of 4600 ha, is the most popular getaway destination for Berliners and also offers foreigners the most pleasant respite from the noise of the streets.”

Excerpt from the travel guide Handbuch für Reisende: Berlin und Umgebung by Karl Baedeker, Leipzig 1910

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Reiter im Grunewald, 1913, Brücke-Museum, Karl und Emy Schmidt-Rottluff Stiftung

Secluded from the noisy traffic of the rapidly growing number of cars and trams that were already squeezing through Berlin’s crowded streets in the 1910s, Grunewald offered a calm space not far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Especially on weekends, it drew people away from the cramped metropolis, which was the most densely populated city in the German Empire at the time, and into the greenery of the forest. The Brücke artists also regularly took strolls there. On the sandy paths through the forest, they occasionally encountered horse riders. Ernst Ludwig Kirchner captured two of them in a print, complete with hats and a dog at their side.

Antonia Moldenhauer

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