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Graphisches Kabinett I.B. Neumann (1915–1925)

Collecting and Exhibiting Network(ing)

“He [I. B. Neumann] would usually sit at mine for hours, often until 2 or 3 in the morning, studying my prints intensively and always picking the most beautiful ones. He would always take them with him right away and sold them practically immediately.”

Erich Heckel in conversation with the art dealer Roman Norbert Ketterer, 1958

In 1910, at the age of just 22, the trained bookseller Israel Ber Neumann opened his first book store and gallery in Charlottenburg. He specialised in works on paper, and thanks to his excellent intuition the modestly furnished “Graphisches Kabinett” quickly developed into one of the most important addresses for Expressionist and Dadaist art in Berlin. Over time, Neumann opened other branches in Germany, and he started working as the publisher of various magazines.

In 1912, the gallerist contacted the Brücke group of artists. He was enthusiastic about their woodcuts and wanted to exhibit their works as well as publish them in print portfolios under his name. For the Brücke members, Neumann’s involvement led to the professionalisation of their print distribution. Instead of simply reprinting motifs as needed, which had been the case in the past, they started appearing in limited editions from then on. Erich Heckel recalls how this provided him with his first stable source of income.

In 1923, Neumann moved to New York, where he contributed significantly to the spread of German Expressionism in the USA. His Berlin address was taken over by the Rhineland gallerist Karl Nierendorf, who also promoted the Brücke artists.

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