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Printmaking workshop Manus Offizin Fritz Voigt (1910s/1920s)


Although the Brücke artists still printed everything themselves when they were in Dresden, by the time they made it to Berlin they increasingly relied on professional help. One such workshop was Manus Offizin Fritz Voigt. The owner specialised in printing woodblock prints by hand press. Many Expressionist artists had their woodcut motifs printed here. Karl Schmidt-Rottluff even made Voigt a custom business card and letterhead as a thank you – a favour he also did for other friends and acquaintances. The demanding artist must have been quite satisfied with the printer’s work since he regularly made the long journey from his live-in studio in Friedenau to Kreuzberg in order to work with him.

Valentina Bay

The corner of Bergmannstraße and Nostizstraße, 1910s, Peter Plewka Collection, FHXB Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Museum

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