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Workshop: Creating Nature Together!

In the middle of the forest, surrounded by nature - that’s what it feels like when we are in the forest room, in the garden of the Brücke-Museum. And this is exactly what we take as an occasion for joint artistic experiments: In nature we draw, build and design with materials from the forest.

Together we explore what is possible with leaves, twigs, moss and wood. The works of the Brücke-artists can serve as models for our ideas. They too loved being in nature. Meeting Lines invite you to create nature together! 

The Waldraum is a space for exchange, production, and reflection in the garden of the Brücke Museum. Designed as a glass pavilion by the architecture and art collective ConstructLab, it offers a special art and nature experience.

For children with accompanying adults. Limited number of participants*. Please register at the following link from Museumsdienst Berlin. 


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