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Brücke Museum Berlin – Highlights
Exhibition Catalogue - Magdalena M. Moeller
Ca. 328 pages with ca. 300 coloured illustrations, 14€

The catalogue presents a selection of circa 300 masterpieces of the “Brücke”- artists to show their wide producing. A short essay introduces the work of “Brücke”, followed by descriptions that comment on the highlights of the collection. Some Oceanic and African pieces from Karl Schmidt- Rottluffs collection are listed at last. They attest the interest of “Brücke”-artist in non-European art.
(Available only in German)

Über die „Brücke“ zu den Farben – Ein Kunst-Erlebnis-Buch
Author: Corina Ott-Seelow, ed. by Magdalena M. Moeller
96 pages, 46 coloured illustrations, 16 €

For the first time the Brücke-Museum edits a publication that is only for the young audience. A book for children and youth to read, but also to create on their own, that gives insights in art and life of the “Brücke”- members.
The author Corina Ott-Seelow tells in understandable language about life and work of the expressionist group “Brücke” and introduces selected artworks, members and techniques. The publication was especially made for children between ten and twelve and invites them to be creative.

„Besten Gruß…“ - Postcards of the „Brücke“ artists
Exhibition Catalogue - Ed. by Magdalena M. Moeller
148 pages with 96 colour plates and 27 illustrations, 18 €

The painted, drawn and watercoloured postcards of the “Brücke”-artists are not only artworks in miniature but also documents of their life and work. The publication presents all of the 48 postcards owned by the “Brücke”-Museum. A comprehensive text by Janina Dahlmanns introduces motives and meanings of the postcards.

Karl Schmidt-Rottluff Holzstöcke
Exhibition Catalogue – edited by Magdalena M. Moeller
480 pages with 414 illustrations, 32 €

Woodblocks display the creative genesis of woodcuts. More than the print on paper they document the artist’s examination of the raw material wood. The publication presents the woodblocks of Karl Schmidt-Rottluff in the collection of the Brücke-Museum and juxtaposes them with the equivalent prints on paper. Several texts introduce to the technique and the treatment of the woodblocks and their special expression.

(available only in German)

Brücke-Museum Berlin – Malerei und Plastik. Kommentiertes Verzeichnis der Bestände
Karl und Emy Schmidt-Rottluff Stiftung 2011, edited von Magdalena M. Moeller
With texts written by Janina Dahlmanns, Andreas Gabelmann, Merit Marckwort, Christiane Remm and Cathy Stoike
231 pages with 106 colour plates, 22 €
This catalogue presents all paintings and sculptures by Karl Schmidt-Rottluff and some other “Brücke“-artists in the collection of the Karl und Emy Schmidt-Rottluff Stiftung.

(available only in German)

Karl Schmidt-Rottluff Aquarelle

Publication - edited by Magdalena M. Moeller

300 pages with 289 colour plates, 28 €

This publication about the cofounder of the „Brücke“ Karl Schmidt-Rottluff is dedicated to his watercolours. He was especially interested in themes like landscapes and still lives. The expressive and luminous watercolours of Schmidt-Rottluff show a particular interaction between form and colour and reflect at the same time the artist´s inner mood. An introductive text by Christiane Remm informs about life and work of Karl Schmidt-Rottluff.

(available only in German)

Erich Heckel – Der stille Expressionist. Aquarelle als Vorstudien zu Gemälden

Exhibition catalogue – edited by Magdalena M. Moeller
285 pages with 121 colour plates, 20 €

This exhibition catalogue is dedicated to the watercolours of the cofounder of the “Brücke” Erich Heckel. A lot of different themes like landscapes, cities, clowns and artists, bathing people or still lifes were done in watercolour. Very often these graphics were used as preliminary studies for paintings. Three essays treating biographical and comparative aspects explain his oeuvre of watercolours.

(Available only in German)