Otto Mueller – Einklang und Anmut (harmony and grace)

21.03.2015 – 19.07.2015 Brücke-Museum Berlin

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 Exhibition Catalogue

Brücke Museum Berlin – Highlights
Exhibition Catalogue - Magdalena M. Moeller
Ca. 328 pages with ca. 300 coloured illustrations, 14€

The catalogue presents a selection of circa 300 masterpieces of the “Brücke”- artists to show their wide producing. A short essay introduces the work of “Brücke”, followed by descriptions that
comment on the highlights of the collection. Some Oceanic and African pieces from Karl Schmidt- Rottluffs collection are listed at last. They attest the interest of “Brücke”-artist in non-European art.
(Available only in German)


Über die „Brücke“ zu den Farben – Ein Kunst-Erlebnis-Buch
Author: Corina Ott-Seelow, ed. by Magdalena M. Moeller
96 pages, 46 coloured illustrations, 16 €

For the first time the Brücke-Museum edits a publication that is only for the young audience. A book for children and youth to read, but also to create on their own, that gives insights in art and life of the “Brücke”- members.
The author Corina Ott-Seelow tells in understandable language about life and work of the expressionist group “Brücke” and introduces selected artworks, members and techniques. The
publication was especially made for children between ten and twelve and invites them to be creative.
(Available only in German)