Karl Schmidt-Rottluff. Portrait and Self-Portrait
23.03.2016 26.06.2016
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 Exhibition Catalogue

Max Pechstein Pioneer of the Modern Art
Exhibition Publication edited by Magdalena M. Moeller Hirmer, 165 full-page, coloured plates, 25,7 x 20 cm, 26 This publication deals with the work of Max Pechstein and emphasizes important situations in his life, which are presented by short but informatory text and coloured illustrations. Full-page plates provide an impression of the exhibited works of art. (Available only in German)


Max Kaus Erich Heckel. Friendship between artists
Exhibition Catalogue edited by Magdalena M. Moeller, with text by Janina Dahlmanns Hirmer, 168 pages, 111 coloured illustrations, 28,6 x 23,5 cm, 20 In addition to the exhibition the catalogue emphasizes the particular friendship of Max Kaus and Erich Heckel and describes the artistic exchange between them as well as their individual development. (Available only in German)


Otto Mueller
–published by Magdalena M. Moeller, text by Christiane Remm
Hirmer, 144 pages, 111 mostly colored illustrations, 23 x 28 cm, 32 €

The monograph presents the artistic development of one of the most important German Expressionists on the basis of selected thematic groups like nudes in landscapes, lovers, portraits, pictures of gypsy. The nine lithographs of the "gypsy portfolio" stand out in particular. Since 1924 Otto Mueller visited the Southeast of Europe several times. He was very interested in the ethnic groups of the Sinti and the Roma and portrayed them in their private environment with their families. These lithographs as well as the other works published in this monograph demonstrate how Mueller was intensely engaged in the possibility of an authentic and general depiction of human being and nature. He finally created impressive pictures of greatest harmony and gracefulness.
(Available only in German)


Karl Schmidt-Rottluff. Landscape – Figure – Still life
Exhibition Catalogue – published by Magdalena M. Moeller, with texts by Janina Dahlmann,
Christiane Remm, Magdalene Schlösser and Roman Ziegelgänsberger
Hirmer, 200 pages, 181 mostly colored illustrations, 24 x 29 cm, 28€

The exhibition catalogue deals with the artistic creation of the dedicated individualist Karl Schmidt-Rottluff and his enthusiasm on art. The paintings selected cover all periods: from the impetuous beginnings with in the community of the “Brücke” group across the calm paintings during the Second World War to his colorful and vivid late works. The catalogue offers a representative insight into the complex work of this artist.
(Available only in German)