Otto Mueller – Einklang und Anmut (harmony and grace)

21.03.2015 – 19.07.2015 Brücke-Museum Berlin

The German artist Otto Mueller composed gentle landscapes in which delicate figures get together for a peaceful coexistence. He created atmospheric portraits of single persons and lovers, whose intimate impression is affectionate and intense at the same time. In spite of his unagitated style and aloof pictorial expression Otto Mueller inspired the Expressionist painters of the "Brücke" group. They welcomed him as a "natural member" of their artists' association.

The exhibition focuses on selected thematic groups of Mueller's creative work, of which the nine lithographs of "gypsy portfolio" stand out in particular. Since 1924 Otto Mueller visited the Southeast of Europe several times. He was very interested in the ethnic groups of the Sinti and the Roma. He portrayed them in their private environment and with their families. These lithographs as well as the other exhibited works demonstrate how Mueller was intensely engaged in the possibility of an authentic and general depiction of human being and nature. He finally created impressive pictures of greatest harmony and gracefulness.








Otto Mueller, nude lying in dunes, distemper on burlap, 87 x 108 cm, Brücke-Museum Berlin